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In this essay I strongly assert that Netanyahu is the author of the terror, the creator of ISIS and ISIL, and did a hit on the Afghan hospital for Russian entering the Levant and ending his dream of Greater Israel. Also - thanks Scotty Spencer of Smoloko for reposting my essays!...…

Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told' fur Deutschland

Der documentary, 'Adolf Hitler the Greatest Story Never Told' fur das Deutsches Volk. Hier ist das ganze 6 stunden das was in Deutshland verboten ist.

rebelofoz Ich werde die deutsche version schnellstmöglich hochladen 7 hours 49 minutes ago
rebelofoz added a video. 7 hours 56 minutes ago

Muslim Migrants Demand Sex: “Problem, problem...

Muslim Migrants Demand Sex: “Problem, problem problem here (points to groin) Balls is very big” Refugees in refugee shelter talk about their problems, “not h...

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Inside Story - Is Israel maintaining the status...

Israeli government leaders have repeatedly said they do not want changes at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. But the government is also accused of funding gr...…

Prague to send soldiers to Hungary to secure Europe's borders

The Czech Republic announced on Monday it would send soldiers and equipment to neighbouring Hungary to help secure Europe's borders in the face of an……

- Digitaler brauner Hass aus Deutschland

Bei Facebook oder YouTube wird Propaganda von deutschen Neonazis gelöscht. Deswegen weichen Neonazis zu, dem russischen Facebook, aus. Hier finden sich rechtsextreme Inhalte, die…

rebelofoz Warum auf eine russische Webseite ausweichen, wenn es die zensurfreie deutsch-australische 300 Spartaner Webseite gibt? 13 hours 5 minutes ago

The Hope Behind Putin’s Syria Help | Consortiumnews

President Obama insists on looking the gift horse of Russian military help for Syria’s embattled government in the mouth. Rather than welcome assistance in blocking…

rebelofoz added a reply in discussion The mutilation of the American dream 13 hours 42 minutes ago

Great article and so true. What a shame that your average fully vaccinated aspartame libtard or republicunt doesn't have the brains to get it. They are Zombies. Hallelujah, praise the Lord, the Hebrew war god Yahweh. If you are of no use to your Jewish masters, roll over and die....…

The mutilation of the American dream

What can you expect from a government that blows up thousands of its own citizens in the middle of its largest city and then spends……

EU Prepares to Deport up to 400,000 Migrants in Leaked Plan

The EU plans to deport hundreds of thousands of migrants within a matter of weeks by creating a new border guard unit and pressuring countries…

Warning - Cognitive Dissonance

Free Palestine!

Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz

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