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2015-10-05_21_20_05-Snowden__GCHQ_Can_Secretly_Take_Total_Control_Over_Your_Smartphone_-_Yandex.pngThink you arent listened to read below....

Yukon added a reply in discussion Dream Ticket 2016 Presidential Election 3 hours 24 minutes ago

Note: I have completely changed my mind about Carly Fiorina, and I am posting a new essay on how dangerous this woman is. in this essay, Dream Ticket 2016 Presidential Election, has been removed from public viewing on Wordpress. I no longer believe she would make a good running mate for Donald Trump. I do not think this person should be anywhere near the White House, she is a danger to herself an...

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Don't hold your breath and wait for some flying saucer to show up and rescue us from the Jews. There is no better time than here and now. Don't leave all the fun to someone else.

卐 Secrets of Antarctica

What force did Admiral Byrd confront in Antarctica in 1947? Is there an opening at the poles, and are civilizations living inside the earth? http://atlantean...

admin That someone else might not even exist or couldn't be bothered to help us, if we don't prove that we are worth saving by giving a good fight ourselves. 3 hours 51 minutes ago
duncanlucas Your right admin its down to us nobody else as the saying goes= by their actions shall they be known and thats how I live my life and judge others righteously. 3 hours 44 minutes ago
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Children of Gay Couples Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

Daughter of Lesbians Opposes Same-Sex Marriage. One key part of today's Supreme Court debate centers on whether sanctioning gay marriage is fair to the child...

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Willy Wimmer und Wladimir Putin über...

Willy Wimmer und Wladimir Putin äußern sich zur aktuellen Flüchtlingskrise in Europa und benennen die Ursachen dieser Krise und die möglichen Lösungswege dar...

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Stephanie Schulz: Irrenhaus Deutschland (Teil 1)

"Politiker, das kotzt mich einfach an!" Stephanie Schulz ist der neue Star bei Facebook. in einem 15 minütigen Video spricht sie aus, was möglicherweise viel...

admin added a reply in discussion Australia accepts US TPP trade agreement 5 hours 57 minutes ago

It IS the endgame. THEY try to lock their territory gains in. They want to reach the point of no return, because the people is waking up in a big way because know they are running out of time....

duncanlucas started a new discussion Australia accepts US TPP trade agreement 6 hours 22 minutes ago

2015-10-05_15_52_26-Deal_Reached_on_Controversial_Trans-Pacific_Partnership_-_Pale_Moon.pngDidnt think Australia would fall for it. ...

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Putin & Netanyahu: Our ties are getting stronger...

Despite the claims of pro-Putin fantasists who spin delirious fables to rationalize every move Putin makes, Russia under Putin is a staunch ally of the terro...

admin As long as Putin keeps peddling the Judeo-Bolshevik lies about AH, NS, the so-called Holocaust and Germany's alleged responsibility for WWII, I don't trust that man any more than an Obama. It's pretty obvious to me that Putin is just another pawn in the Jew bankster game. 9 hours 39 minutes ago
Warning - Cognitive Dissonance

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Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz

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