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Another 'teaser' on what to expect from those 'cultural enrichers' flooding Europe.

Many of my readers will be well aware that I don't disagree with Yukon Jack on many things. Tesla Motors is one of them. The company is a Mossad operations. It's - at least officially - founded and part-owned by an Israeli Mossad operative that used to run the German ERP giant SAP, converting it into an Israeli industrial espionage tool. If you wonder why the Zios would create something like an el...

I found this gem in an article sarcastically titled "Islam is tolerant". (Don't watch it if you have just eaten!) The writer of the article fails to differentiate between mainstream Islam and the Saudi Wahhabi sect. The reason why Wahhabism is so shockingly cruel is that it is an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect posing as Islamic and trying - mind you, very successfully - to give Islam a bad name. If you compare the Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Wahhabi "Muslims", you will find that they are virtually the same. The are a psyops of the British secret services created, with the help of Ultra-Orthodox Baghdadi Jews, for the purpose of destabilising the Ottoman rule over the Arab peninsula to steal its oil. Unfortunately, the Saudi are using a good part of their oil profits to support extremist Koran... Show more

Saudi style Sharia Law in action

That's the kind of 'culture' Germans and other Europeans will have to get used to when 'integrating' the crypto-Jewish Saudi brainwashed ISIS fighters into their…

The founder of the only genuine opposition in the Grovel Republic of Germany is being politically persecuted by the Jew minions in control.

Pegida-Gründer Lutz Bachmann: Staatsanwaltschaft erhebt Anklage wegen Volksverhetzung -

Die Dresdner Staatsanwaltschaft hat Anklage gegen Lutz Bachmann wegen Volksverhetzung erhoben. Der Pegida-Gründer hatte Ausländer auf Facebook unter anderem als "Viehzeug" beschimpft.

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Sandy Hook investigation update #8 Raw...

Sandy Hook investigation update #8 Raw Helicopter Footage Sandy Hook Sandy Hook investigation update #8 school massacre was a "drill" evidence Adam Lanza qua...…

Zionist Jews Plot to Corrupt America’s Gun’s Rights through Virginia TV Crew Shooting Hoax

Zionist Jews Plot to Corrupt America’s Gun’s Rights through Virginia TV Crew Shooting Hoax It is world Jewry which is responsible for the plot to corrupt the……

Fox Lake Illinois Shooting of Police Officer is a Ridiculous Arch-Zionist Fake

Fox Lake Illinois Shooting of Police Officer is a Ridiculous Arch-Zionist Fake What an arch-fake it is, a mere drill, this claim of a fatal……


Army training. In 2008, Chris Harper-Mercer was in service at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Oregon shooter: New details emerge about Chris Harper-Mercer During training, Chris……

Leserzuschrift aus dem Polizeiapparat - Wir wissen, dass es knallen wird! - Netzplanet

Verschiedentlich sind vage Gedanken zur Polizei und deren mögliche Position im derzeitigen politischen Diskurs zu vernehmen. Mal eine kurze Stellungnahme aus der ersten Reihe, also……

Erfolg für Putin: Russland meldet Panik unter IS-Terroristen in Syrien

Der russische Generalstab meldet die Zerstörung von 50 strategisch wichtigen Gebäuden der IS-Terrormiliz. Wenn auch nur ein Teil der russischen Berichte stimmt, könnten die Russen…

Warning - Cognitive Dissonance

Free Palestine!

Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz

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