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This! Supplied water to western Sydney for a long time. I wonder how many blacks are interested in building something like this? I know.....none.

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100 square K's of Muzz, I went to school there. We had a fresh water canal system built on the Roman style that we would/could swim in if we desired. Shut down now thankfully.…

LOL, US admits to blowing the fuck out of a Hospital...oops sorry. But the scum media won't show Russian victory over "ISIS" in only 6 days. Putin said he will show the truth and he has done so.…

TV and radio blitz for and against HERO ordinance

HOUSTON - A new slugger joined the campaign against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) while a group of Houston clergy urged a yes vote…

Video: Can Israeli violence crush Palestinian resistance?

Watch debate by Ali Abunimah, The Guardian’s Ian Black and Gregg Roman of the Middle East Forum.

Video: Palestinian artists answer Israel's Gaza war propaganda

Poignant cartoon pays tribute to boys murdered while playing football.…

Listen: Why new Israel lobby smears are "good news" for activists

Hundreds will converge for the fifth annual Students for Justice in Palestine national conference.

Conservatism is the New Counter-Culture

The progressive establishment has a problem. The hunger for non-conformist thought and opinion is raging. Contrarianism is becoming cool once again. http://i...

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Some pictures say more than thousand words: Pope Francis bowing to and kissing hands of Jewish "royalty" David Rockefeller, John Rothschild and Henry Kissinger

rebelofoz The creepiest pictures I have seen in a long time. 3 hours 41 minutes ago
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Warning - Cognitive Dissonance

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Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz

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