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David Cameron: we must preserve the memory of the Holocaust.

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I know I posted that video before, but it's just too good to be missed.

Oops: Did CNN Just Admit the U.S. Is Working...

Freudian slip? Because we wouldn't want Russia to have an accidental skirmish with the U.S.-led ISIS coalition, now would we? (Hat tip: Erin Davis) Truthstre...…

Geheimpapier: Berlin erwartet bis zu 1,5 Millionen Flüchtlinge

Die deutschen Behörden rechnen in diesem Jahr mit erheblich mehr Flüchtlingen als bisher offiziell erwartet. Allein in den Monaten Oktober bis Dezember würden voraussichtlich bis…

rebelofoz Once the whole 1.5 million "refugees" are officially approved, they can make their whole family follow to live on social security, increasing the number of "new citizens" to 8 digits. And that's just for this year. The total number of "new citizens" expected to result from the current "refugee" crisis is over 15 million, bringing the percentage of Muslims in German society to above 25%. 32 minutes ago
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Ever wondered why Hitler was so incredibly popular, way more popular than any "democratic" leader before or after him? Watch…

Der Bürgerkrieg ist nur eine Frage der Zeit.

300 Spartans - Oesterreichische Wehrpflichtige muessen in umfunktionierten Baracken die Hoellenklos hoehnisch lachender "Fluechtlinge" putzen; Polizisten warnen vorm Zusammenbruch

Forget about thought police, political correctness and censorship! Get to know Jew-aware activists! Communicate with like-minded people, follow free-spirited media, study and discuss history and…

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More Proof the CIA Tried to Use Subliminals to...

This is a follow-up piece to a report we put up in August 2013. A little more background info lending to the fact that the 1960s national anthem subliminal "...…

Israeli Girl's Racist Facebook Post Racks Up 16k 'Likes', Prompts Outrage

Eden Levi, an Israeli girl purported to also be a member of the Israeli Defense Forces, has prompted outrage on Facebook with a post featuring…

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Þetta segr gufusoðna miðstýrða svokallaða frétta-veitan ekki frá..
This is not what the mainstream steamboiled so called news show ..…
Over 1,000 ISIS and Al Nusra Militants Surrender To Syrian Army In Last 24 Hours

The development came after President Bashar al-Assad in a televised address in July pardoned all soldiers who have fled the army, saying that his words served as a general decree to relevant offici...…

German Leftists Favor Refugees BECAUSE They Hurt The Country

Recently, Germany celebrated the 25th anniversary of its reunification. Naturally, German leftists took to the streets to condemn it. The forthrightly anti-German protests were largely……

Beyond Chutzpah! Jewish Supremacist Demands "Integrate America" - David

Arrogant Jewish Supremacist Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Segregationist for Israel — Integrationist for White America! Download Beyond Chutzpah Jewish Supremacist Rabbi Calls for Integration of White…

Warning - Cognitive Dissonance

Free Palestine!

Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz

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